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News from Kestrel Timber Frame

New Website and Hosting

We have just updated our web site to a new design that will work smoothly on all devices.

At the same time we transferred our web site hosting, using Duplicator.

We also updated PHP, installed a new SSL certificate and updated our security, together with McAfee Secure Trustmark.


Why Choose Kestrel Timber Frame?

There are no limitations with Kestrel Timber Frame. If it can be engineered, then we’ll do it.

We start with your brief. Quite simply — What do you want? What would be best for your site? How much do you want to spend? We will visit your site to ensure our advice is accurate.

Building a Kestrel timber-frame home gives you an opportunity both to be individual and to construct a truly high-quality, energy-efficient home. Today, there are almost 2,500 Kestrel timber frame houses throughout the UK, ranging from one off self-build houses to large commercial projects. Continue reading Why Choose Kestrel Timber Frame?

Using Sustainable Plywood and Timber for Construction

Demand for tropical hardwood plywood in the UK and internationally is one of the main causes of illegal and destructive logging in the rainforests of countries such as Brazil and Indonesia. This deforestation is causing the loss of biodiversity, displacing local communities and contributing to climate change.

There are no laws yet in place to prevent illegal timber from entering Europe. Continue reading Using Sustainable Plywood and Timber for Construction

Green for Growth: Zero-Carbon Homes

In 2006, the Labour government gave the housebuilding industry 10 years notice to make its products zero-carbon. This ambitious requirement was launched as part of the Code for Sustainable Homes, and included interim carbon reduction targets along the way: 25% reduction in emissions in 2010 and 44% in 2013. Zero-carbon was going to be expensive – adding up to £40,000 per home – but the argument was that the industry would find ways of reducing these costs as the 2016 deadline approached. Continue reading Green for Growth: Zero-Carbon Homes