Why Choose Kestrel Timber Frame?

There are no limitations with Kestrel Timber Frame. If it can be engineered, then we’ll do it.

We start with your brief. Quite simply — What do you want? What would be best for your site? How much do you want to spend? We will visit your site to ensure our advice is accurate.

Building a Kestrel timber-frame home gives you an opportunity both to be individual and to construct a truly high-quality, energy-efficient home. Today, there are almost 2,500 Kestrel timber frame houses throughout the UK, ranging from one off self-build houses to large commercial projects.

The manufacture and construction of our timber-frame house kits are based on the firm principles of high-tech manufacturing technology and quality materials. By manufacturing our timber frame house kits in our own factory, we are able to control and maintain product quality and provide complete flexibility of design and specification. More of the construction work is undertaken in the factory under controlled conditions, leaving less to be done on site. Not only does this make the build process quicker, but it also ensures a greater degree of accuracy.

We believe that quality is vitally important, which means we unashamedly defend the cost of our specifications and comprehensive service, working firmly on the basis that quality cannot be discounted.

Our staff are qualified and trained for their work, whether this be manufacturing a wall panel, designing a complicated roof or negotiating with local planners. We have our own trained shell erection teams who travel all over the UK erecting our timber-frame houses we also have after-sales customer service and advice readily available.

Kestrel Timber Frame are on hand for those looking for a professional and courteous service with a product of superlative quality.